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Some Broken URLs: Google changed their URLs for translations
Some Berklix pages use obsolete old URLs, If I find time to waste for google ;-) I may search for & change from links of form eg:
& change to different links, of form

List Of Free Translator Sites Wait for links to adverts. Does Not Take URLs unlike eg google, Can take a pasted text, even Word .docx or PowerPoint .pptx
Some think better than google (said Andy of TT Curry, 2018-06, & Falk 2019-07 ) but I think I've seen google do better than Deepl - Maybe they leapfrog each other ? Or depends which direction ? Let me know Free, Real languages + An invented language. + adverts Mouse copy box < 1,000 char. Powered by google Microsoft & Babylon Redirects from:
A full page translation service with URL. @ 2017-09-21 Only targets http:// not https:// so either mouse copy text, or copy target text temporarily to some plain http:// server Redirects to bing Free + adverts. Free + adverts.
webgate . ec . europa . eu / etranslation / public / welcome . html Free. Need to register first
Spell Checker Tools These can help too, eg when this English author writes in German, he has not used translator engines till now (2019-07) (but will try deepl next), & often forgets to capitalise some nouns.
This command: "Aspell --lang=de check file" can fix that, (although Aspell lags behind modern German law, in still forcing eg 'ss' to sharf ess, which is obsolete according to German (but not Austrian & Swiss) law, & Aspell forces 2 byte Umlaut representation such as "ae" to single byte to looks like `ä', asserting 8th (parity) bit, which freaks some text tools such as mgdiff ).
Find Aspell here;
Automatic Grammar Checkers They exist for German, at 2022-06-07 I searched & found some with search words "automatisch deutsch grammatik pruef" further search word you can try: "Rechtschreib- und Grammatikprüfung, Kostenlose".
OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Optical Character Recognition macros for BSD Makefile (To extract .tiff from .pdf, then .txt from .tiff, with eg:
make PDF_TO_TIFF_FORCE=YES file.tiff; make file.txt_g; rm file.tiff
then paste .txt into a translator engine.
More ? Mail me URLs (web refs)

How To Use Free Translator Server Sites

  • Reading Web Pages & Emails

    • Mouse copy or type the URL (Uniform Resource Locator = web address) of web page you want to read, to a translator site; Normally if you then click a link, it stays within the translator, translating the new page to your preferred language, handy of you are reading a mail archive.
    • OR Mouse copy blocks of text from an email, posting, forum or web page, to a text box on a translator site; handy if you type a posting in a foreign language, & want to translate it to English before posting to an international list.
  • International English Mail Lists

    • Rejecting Foreign Language Postings
      • Just post a reply, pointing to this (or a similar) page: If the foreign poster then remains too clueless or lazy to use it, that's their loss, but at least we've thrown a lifeline, if they will work to help themselves.
      • Don't post a reply just in foreign - it would exclude many readers. Most mail lists are archived on web, so write in English, & leave foreign poster to read replies via a translator web server.
    • Why Translate To English _Before_ Posting
      • Nearly all International Technical Mail Lists operate in English, particularly for free software, development & user mutual self support.
      • For many people on such lists, English is their second language not their first.
      • They all use English as a common medium for mutual self help.
      • It is an abuse to burden them with your third foreign language ! Example
      • The help they offer is voluntary & free.
      • Imagine the noise & disaster if all wrote in our own local languages ! It would kill the international lists & software projects.
      • Wildly inefficient for many on a list to struggle to post-translate from your local language to theirs.
      • Much more efficient if just You pre-translate from your language to English.
      • You want to benefit from advice from a global mail list operating in English, so do Your own work translating !
      • Use a free translator server !
      • Don't expect help otherwise!
      • Most or perhaps all of us Will ignore you if you use foreign non English on International lists.
      • If you are lucky, you might get someone telling you how to use a free translator & repost in English. Example
      • International list members know:
        • If we help you in one non English language, it will either encourage you to write more in your non English, either as personal mail or to list
        • It could encourage others in their other non English language to also dump foreign noise on the list.
        • If you can't write in (some sort of) English, you probably can't read manuals FAQs & replies in English with requests for more detailed info to solve your problem. You may not understand advice, & you'r probably beginner level, with basic problems: local help in local language is more appropriate.
        • Its not efficient for world class developers on international global lists to waste their time supporting foreign speaking beginners.
      • Leave people on International lists time free to deal with more technicly advanced development & support benefitting the global community of users, not individual foreign beginners, who should be helped more efficiently by other locals.
      • If you can not write English, AND you refuse to use a free translator, Do Not write to International mail lists. Instead find local national mail lists &/or city etc computer clubs & user groups operating in your local language.

Creating Web Pages

  • If you are making your personal web pages multi lingual for other to read, you'r obviously free & welcome to look at this page & learn the methods.
  • If you don't have time to do your company's whole web site you'll need mass automated translation, either bulk in advance or on browser demand. Ask a consultant, perhaps me, or another on the global geographic index of FreeBSD consultants.

Commercial Translation

  • Humans still do better translation than machines, as of writing 2018-11, but that will change with time & language & subject & application
  • The author has a range of friends who are commercial translators working in Munich Germany in various languages, he passes on leads / contacts free of charge.
  • Technical Translation, including embedding translated texts into computer programs, can be far more complex than normal translation, the author has experience of that since 1985 (translating a whole operating system into 7 European languages on 2 machine architectures), his company page is here.

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Author Julian Stacey

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