This is an HTML Tidy diagnostic script, analysing initially a single URL.

Why Use It

For Microsoft users who do not have local Unix tools. To reformat, check, & insert line numbers to help debug their HTML. Presume search engines will rate you higher if you have clean HTML. Some commercial HTML generator programs fail to generate clean HTML, some use browser dependent proprietary extensions, & humans fail too with hand written HTML

Analysis of HTML compliance for:

File Content
HTML of Original Original source HTML
Errors Of Original Errors
Lines Numbers Of Original With line numbers
HTML tidied HTML Tidied (cleaned & formated)
Errors of Tidied Errors
Line numbers of Tidied With line numbers

If you think it slow

It is a script: It fetches your URL from the internet (including whatever delays that URL might impose with scripts or link redirections etc), then analyses the data & writes analysis in 6 files on a Berklix server, (for you to later click on), then builds this page, & sends it to your browser.

Credits & Copyrights

CGI Script, by Julian H. Stacey, calls Tidy, Indexed by FreeBSD ports/www/tidy, Port wrapper in SVN (subversion repository) on Operating System: FreeBSD, Admin by, Servers: Berklix.Net, & Sites. Copyright Julian Stacey, Munich 2015, You may use script under BSD licence, Please retain this credits line.

Later Development

it could take a parameter to sample other URLs, but there are issues to be considered first (security design comments welcome to )
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